Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Crazy Experiment on Perceptual Mapping !!!

Something very strange happened to me today, after nearly 10... No, 11 years... nope its 12... Forget it doesn’t matter, the point i am trying to make is, i happened to sit in the first row of a class after nearly so many years. And that too for 3 hours in a business analytics class.After sitting for 3 hrs now i know why these first benchers get so many marks in exams, u get to hear everything professor says and you don’t get distracted like last benchers like sleeping or staring at a girl, or doing any other better thing in life. But being last bencher all my life i couldn’t stop myself to implement my learning`s in a typical back bencher style. So here it goes.

The topic for the day was Perceptual Mapping which was done using software called Permap. If u ask what perceptual mapping is its simple “It’s a map where we can map the perceptions”. It’s used to make some of the tough decisions in marketing (!) and in some other industries which you can see here in the other blog posts. But what i am trying to do here is to map the perceptions of something that is so tough to predict in the whole world. Any guesses?  Storm, stock markets, Sreesanth...Nope It`s a woman... they are one of the most toughest to predict and understand, their mind is so fast and complicated which will make even a higher end Intel processor  look inferior. To solve this problem and make every guys life easier let us consider that some jerk like me(!) has found a mobile app which will generate a Perceptual map on his phone about whichever girl he`s currently speaking to. And based on the map the app gives some recommendation on what the girl is thinking and what the guy is supposed to do. Here is the conversation 

Girl: I`m planning to go shopping, you coming?
The guy looks at the app, where the girls perception is plotted as a star and the recommendation below

He thinks he`s safe (we guys are so stupid): 
Guy: Actually I’ve got some work tonight?
Girl: Is it so important?
The guy looks at the app

He`s terrified: “We`ll i can mange some time where are you planning to go?
Girl: What are you looking in your mobile? Are you looking at someone other than me ?
Guy (Doesn`t look at the app this time): Come on its nothing, u know me better, tell me where are we going?
Girl: I was thinking we can go to brigade and buy some stuff, and a movie perhaps? But looks like u have no time for me.
The guy looks at the app again

He replies,”Movie, that`s gonna be a lil tough ? Can we go this weekend?
Girl doesn’t reply anything. The guy looks the mobile

He presses the “S pls” button, the app crashes and a spark comes out of mobile hurting the guys hand.
Girl: Oh shit!!! What happened to your phone...? Your hand is bleeding, Come on we`ll go the doctor
The girl takes him to the doctor, the guys picks up his phone and to his surprise the app flashes in the screen 

Hope you found this entertaining, I’m kind of sure that guys would welcome such an application. 

If i had hurt the sentiments of any of the female audience, i am not apologizing, because i don`t give a damn :)

If our professor reads this post he will never ever call me to the first bench.

References : Based on a true event from every guys life :))


Group: Marketing 5
Author : Ragunathan A
Roll No: 13032