Sunday, 28 August 2011

From Fear to Fun!!!

I always had a deep rooted fear of numbers. At 9 o clock today the fear was reconfirmed. At 9:30 I started having fun with numbers ;). What initially looked like a cumbersome process soon started getting interesting as we delved into the meaning behind the numbers. One relation after the other started getting established and I got fascinated with the connections. Step by step we broke down the raw data into a smaller, detailed and better understandable form. The cumbersome numbers now actually made a lot of sense. Wow!! That definitely is a first for me :P So is writing this blog !!

Just so you know, I learnt to “Crosstab Bivariate data” [Isnt as difficult as it sounds ;)].

Anyway, we then moved into Multivariate data analysis and yess!! My favourite part! Bubblegraphs! J The concept is as interesting as the name. Would definitely try making one in the days to come and perhaps i can talk about it in more definitive terms.

Finally, we talked about Cluster Analysis. Ahh! Another favourite of mine! The Dendogram! The name most certainly sticks! ;)

On a more serious note, I tried thinking about areas where i can apply Cluster Analysis and realised that the best place to test it would be on the project i am currently pursuing in retail management. The project is about analysing Customer perceptions of In-Store brands of apparels and what drives them to choose private labels over national brands. Did some googling and found a few articles which gave me a better insight into the process. You can read the same and probably it ll bring more clarity.

Enclosing the links for the benefit of all:

That’s about all I had to say for today. Looking forward to an interesting ( Pretty Hectic though L) week ahead.

Signing off.


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