Tuesday, 30 August 2011


True to the very title, I’ve never seen a tool receive this much attention on a blog overnight. Ah! If it were only a living person!! It would be a fun experiment to actually do a perceptual mapping on all my fellow bloggers on this page. What does one actually think of while blogging on such a topic? Is it “Oh my god, I just want to get this done with”? Is it, “Great! Google search pages aren’t helping one bit I should have just paid attention in class!” Is it that one believes this blogging experience will help one understand perceptual mapping to a better level. Or is it just good old creativity at play? Well, these are just some of the parameters on which the human mind could come across while given a simple task such as “PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS AND THEN SIMPLY BLOG ON IT!”

I’m willing to bet a million rupees (I love making supernatural bets) that the results of such an experiment if plotted using a tool like Permap (obviously using Perceptual Mapping) would approximate to the results of any normal survey. Well you could approach the whole experiment on a generic basis and just plot them on the basis of just pure similarities or dissimilarities. Or you could go down the path with one million attributes relating to the human mind (Yes!! We humans are complicated)!! But either way you will end up with approximately a similar result. This is quite possibly because the human mind works similar at all times. The mind does not work to think only when asked questions about products. It works in a similar manner when asked “TO WORK”.

I am not saying that the results of such an experiment will be the same as that of the Retail or Cell Inter files that we worked with in class. There are bound to be clear and distinct differences, but you will definitely see similar patterns. These tools are basically to understand the human behavior so that companies can either service their customers through a better experience or simply make more money (Eventually it all comes down to that!). Then again it could also be just for us to spend our time ‘precious time’ learning and blogging.

These tools do not necessarily always have to do with understanding customer perceptions of products. If you wanted to push it to the limits, you could ask your friend a series of questions (well don’t make it that obvious to him/her) and use these tools to make a predictable judgment. You think I am going berserk with all that finance in my head. Why don’t you test it and then prove me wrong!! Challenge accepted!

Why do I have a bad feeling that I would end up being the a single element with highest Euclidian distance if we plotted all the people who wanted to beat me up for blogging an article like this! I am just hoping that this null hypothesis is proved wrong!

See you in class!

Author: Harold Joseph

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