Wednesday, 31 August 2011

PERMAP - A PERFECT software for analysis of PERcepual MAPping!!

The topic in the class was on Perceptual mapping. Perceptual mapping is a technique to visually display the perceptions of customers or potential customers. To Make understand the topic better and the usefulness of the tool, a software called PERMAP was installed in our laptops and an our individual perceptions on the likeliness of taste of various beer brands were collected ,group wise. The data for the whole group was documented on a notepad and with few changes and a few lines of codes written we had a PEREMAP compatible program file, the importation of which on the PERMAP version 11.7 resulted the output given below:

Various conclusions could be made after subjecting the data to many functions/commands available on the software like “START” “STOP” “JIGGLE” and so on .The usefulness of this software was also shown as we analysed a data based on retail with numerous parameters of shopping experience given in as the input resulting a graph wherein each parameter represents one of the many circles.

All in all, the session marked an important stage in our progress as a potential research analyst as the tools and technique learnt will undoubtedly prove useful in our careers.

Author: Ravisekhar Singh Moirangthem
Group: Marketing - Group 4

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