Monday, 29 August 2011

To Infinity and Beyond....

Having missed the first session of Business Analytics and the mighty scare received from the class mates meant just one thing- panic! On top of them a group member informed about the blogging idea the Sir had bamboozled us with! Ohh eMm Gee!!! As a suggestion from the group mate I volunteered to write the next day, (the earlier the better, or in my case, safer) and hence ended up trying to hang on to every word of the prof and (trying) to take copious notes.

Mid way through the first lecture, I had my eureka moment, ‘This isn’t difficult’. At all. Fun actually. Ha! What’s a bunch of numbers to someone who had come out alive and unscathed (yes!) from the dangerous waters of engineering!

I digress. So when I got about discussing with dad the cool new subject we were learning, I realised that we have all these new fancy softwares to crunch and spew numbers in a matter of seconds. But how much of it actually makes sense? Okay so more number of men are using the prepaid connection of a certain telecom service provider than women studying in class XI in particular locality who would rather choose to hear some mellifluous jazz to heavy metal. You get my drift ;)

But, SO WHAT??

You have a lot of answers but no solutions. Like having terabytes of memory but no imagination! Now what use would that be. And ah! It does feel glorious to step in as an almost MBA brandishing the shiny new sword of strategic implication. To the rescue...

All this data and results you finally come up with and those eerily inviting diagrams with strangely twisted forks and twinkly stars do have to eventually get you somewhere.

My friends here have already written ballads in the love of dendrograms and agglomeration schedules and proximity matrices et all and it would be unjust to even start to believe I could do a better job.

As I write this post, I am wondering about the academic usefulness of it and frankly, I am as stumped as you are. But you see, it is an assignment (or so I have been lead to believe) so I have to justify the academic relevance of it. I did come up with so much gyan already, a little bit more won’t hurt now, will it?

As you do plough on through this post, and thank you for that, I hope you realise the importance of sifting through this hillock of data. So mid way through another session of BA, if you put up your hands in sheer frustration and decide to call it quits (away from the ever watchful eyes of the prof) do remember this one thing,

“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.”

Thus said the great Albert Einstein. But then again, our cradle is after all, The birth place of Business Leaders. So fight it out friends, soldiers and countrymen. And may you dazzle the world with your Analytics in Business.

P.S.- You see my absence from the class when Sir discussed the blog writing is my plead for innocence in case of non-conformity of this blog post and its silly title.

Group :Marketing 3

Author of the Article : Aruna Iyer

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