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GAPMINDER....Make sense of the world with fun

Gapminder is a tool that allows the user to present a huge amount of world data visually in the form of moving, interactive graphs.Gapminder takes a stream of data dependent on time, and presents it visually, in the form of moving graphs. The strength of this tool is the data it gives access to. a staggering amount of worldwide data, from geographical disasters and national economy, to personal poverty and AIDS.

The data covered in Gapminder is worldwide. The data is displayed on a graph, with variables shown on the x-axis and y-axis with size and colour variations to depict magnitude and categories. The graph can compare multiple sets of data at one time, over a period of years which facilitates easy comparison. Sections of a graph can be zoomed in on, and the path of individual points can be followed, to emphasize specific data when needed. The Gapminder data can even be displayed over a map, so that statistical changes can be shown geographically.

Some of the projects undertaken by Gapminder are described below.

World Income Distribution is an interactive display of statistics on household income distribution for Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Pakistan and USA and the World as a whole in each year from 1970 to 1998.

Dollar Street is an interactive display of the world in the form of a street. The street number depicts the daily income per person in the family. All people of the world live on Dollar Street. The poorest live on the left end and the richest on the extreme right end. All other people live in between on a continuous scale of daily incomes.

Human Development Trends 2003 is a linear thematic Flash presentation is developed with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the release of the Human Development Report 200.

World Health Chart 2001 is a display of 50 to 100 years of health development for all countries of the World with time series for 35 indicators provided by the World Health Organization.

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