Monday, 5 September 2011

A Joint with Facebook and Conjoint analysis

Usually we used write our learning’s for the day in this blog, for a change i am gonna write a prelude to what we are going to learn tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to learn about conjoint analysis for which we had taken a case which deals with preferences that people consider while choosing their spouse. Each and every student in the class had provided the data with his/her own preferences and the final data was generated. The preferences were based on looks, education, family background,  experience (this is my favorite attribute :)), religion... etc. In tomorrow’s class we are planning to analyze this data, having said that i still have a doubt on the data that was generated today. As per my understanding which is as unclear as a Lokpal bill, the data generation was only partially right. The reason is as follows

The best way to understand a person is to analyze his Facebook profile.

Both guys and girls don’t have similar requirements

Please note this is just a humorous take on the task that we did today, no offences meant on any particular gender....(going by the rate at which i am commenting on the female audience, i might even get sued by some women activists)

The point which i am trying to emphasize is, no matter how many kinds of analysis we do and no matter how many statistical tools we use, Girls will be girls and Guys will be Guys.


Group: Marketing 5
Author: Ragunathan A
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