Wednesday, 7 September 2011

SPSS - A Brief Summary

I would like to summarize the learning’s from the BA classes by writing a summary about SPSS and its uses in the field of marketing:-

SPSS is of great use for marketing surveys like large scale demographic surveys, marketing surveys require at least two stages of rigorous treatment. Careful data collection, cleaning and finally data mining is required to make the dataset ready for the analysis. In both data management and the analysis part SPSS can be regarded as the most useful software tool. SPSS has a spreadsheet interface for data management, which can be manipulated by state-of-the-art syntax coding. Together with the spreadsheet SPSS has advanced statistical tools and graphics engine that can be used to analyze the survey data. Key utilities that can be in used in SPSS in dealing with marketing surveys are as follows:

  1. Cross tabulation – to make custom build summary statistics of different subgroups.
  2. Missing data analysis – to fill up missing data or cleaning the missing data from the original dataset
  3. Forecasting and trend analysis – to predict future trend of products
  4. Regression analysis – to understand the effect of factors on something in question
  5. Discriminant analysis – to separate one seemingly related factors with another

One of great SPSS utilities is that it has user friendly database management tools in it. Within a very short time, without writing huge amount of codes, we can summarize and process the survey results with its help. Let’s have an example using a SPSS sample dataset. Let’s assume our thesis writing service made a survey with different questions including demographic information. Now we want to see how the race of the respondent differs in family planning issues. We can do a cross-tabulation having race in the rows and number of children in columns.

To interpret the survey descriptive statistics more rigorously, SPSS offers a number of sophisticated statistical measures.

SPSS is an excellent tool especially for managing and great insights from the data collected and is a useful tool especially for people in the field of marketing and thus helping management to get great insights from the data collected.

Author: Krunal Patel

Group: Marketing - Group 4

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