Sunday, 28 August 2011

Identification of false financial statements through SPSS

An external stakeholder can determine whether a financial statement is falsified before using such a financial statement as a base for investing, appraising, and taking other decisions.

There has been a research paper presented in the American University of Nigeria, which testified the efficacy of ‘CPT Analyses’ model for identifying false financial statements using SPSS. The paper demonstrate that conducting and implementing the proposed ‘CPT’Analysesor detection of false financial statements will, undoubtedly be helpful to professionals such asauditors, forensic accountants, insolvency practitioners, tax authorities, investors, consultants, banksand other users of financial statements.

SPSS help organizations succeed in combating fraud, waste, and abuse. For example, our solutions enable organizations to:

Another major field of contribution is the health care sector, where deliberately submitting false claims to private health insurance plans or tax-funded insurance programs such as Medicare or Medicaid, is a serious and growing nationwide crime trend.

Likewise, there can be many other areas where SPSS can serve in and help the processes become smother.

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